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ZAQ is a dew essential oil diffuser, liteMist ultrasonic aromatherapy.

An upset buyer shared this review "I bought this ZAQ diffuser because it had great reviews, but was dissapointed. Perhaps if I tried it in a tiny room I would actually smell the benificial scents but in my 12X8' room I barely get a suttle smell once in a while and I have to get really really close. It could be the essencial oil I have althought it would surprise me since it is from a reputable local laboratory and was very expensive! Never the less I will try another company and see if there is any change."


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Vahid Sarrafan says

"I bought a Braun Hair Straightener for my mother. Order never arrived. Called them up and they did not answer so I send them an email (after 14 days) to see what it going on with the order. They cancelled my order after I mailed them automatically and supposably refunded my money (hasn't arrived yet). Don't know what the hell is going on with them. If I didn't email them I guess they would not have returned the money. Seems like a fake company to me. The still have the product up for sale on their website... Got another email from them today that said there is a problem with the shipping company and they would take care of it. Called them up and they finally answered (after about 6 calls). They said the order is cancelled and they are out of the job guys...Not recommended ..."

Kaye says

"I bought adapters for US plug to Aust/NZ plug and the fitting was so loose that the plug being adapted fell out. I had bought this product previously and it was excellent, so was very disappointed with the second purchase. They are almost unusable."

Naga says

"Have selected 2 day shipping but the packet took more than that due to which the order went no use. Will never trust these guys"

Jesse Munoz says

"Video is off color with the DVD disk. Can't get Yoda from Star Wars to be green and he's always appears to be sunburned and red."

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